“Reset Day 12: Listen” — Judy Marroquin

Day 12 of Reset refers to learning to Listen — “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:15.) As I read this portion, I became hungrier than ever to hear His voice.  As I face uncertainties, I realize I need to hear His voice—especially His words of love for me and those I care about. 

We need to learn to hear what the Lord is saying. As we hear from heaven, we act according to what He is saying.  It’s very simple: I don’t change when I talk to God; things change when God talks to me.  When I speak, nothing happens; but when God speaks, even the wind and waves obey Him.  Therefore, we should be slow to speak and quick to listen.  As we quiet our hearts, we learn to hear His voice.

Today, take a few moments to ask the Lord for a soft heart that responds to him in faith and obedience every time He speaks.

You can hear God’s voice every day. It happens in the simplest ways. 

  1. Read the Word slowly.
  2. As you read, talk to God internally or aloud and make it an interactive visit with God. 
  3. Take time to ask God questions and wait for Him to answer.  He wants to speak to you.

4) Write down what God says to you.

Judy Marroquin

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