4.11.21 – Jim Hoogenboom

Jim has made available the following prayer:

“Father, I come to You in name of Jesus. You know all about my life and circumstances. Nothing has happened to me that You don’t know about. I now consciously forgive all those who have spoken negatively about me and done hurtful things to me. Lord, I place them on Your altar and ask You to bless them. I now submit all my hurts and wounding to You and ask You to release my wounded spirit to be healed, in Jesus’ mighty name! I speak to my spirit right now to come into divine order, that I may rise again in Your name and know the joy and freedom of being made whole! I thank You, Lord Jesus, that You hear and answer my cry. Right now I renounce my hurts, disappointments, and failures, and I accept my healing and give myself afresh to You.  Please take over my life and let me live it in abundance to glorify You every day. In Jesus’ might name, amen.”