Get Connected

Vital connection.

We need it to keep growing– but that doesn’t mean it always happens. It takes intention and commitment to connect with others. But it’s powerful and worthwhile because Jesus is present.

Matthew 18:20


Guys, don’t go it alone. Come experience real and positive relationships. Find accountability and grow in who God has called you to be! It’s our mission to see every man among us

  • experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • grow in Bible study, prayer, fellowship, & accountability
  • have a supportive network that influences family & sphere
  • have the opportunity to be mentored and mentor
  • experience friendship & recreation w/ other godly men 
  • use his skills to bless others and share Jesus  



Kids are the next generation of the church, and we take seriously our call to teach them. Whether they’re coming to us already grounded in faith or completely unchurched, we believe every child should know God loves them and has uniquely gifted them to serve Him. LifeSpring kids are loved and affirmed by trained volunteers who present biblical truth through Bible stories, media, and fun hands-on activities. We also know kids love to move around and interact together, so there’s plenty of playtime in the Kid Zone or our outdoor playground.

Youth & Young Adults

Our mission is to love young people for who they are while calling them into all their God-given potential. Through friendship, teaching, mentoring and positive interaction with others we’re providing a firm foundation for biblical faith in Christ and a safe and supportive place for young people to work out their questions about growing up, choosing values, and making decisions that lead to LIFE. While mentoring teens and young adults, we’re also giving faith-building opportunities to serve and lead, which blesses the whole church!




Reaching out

The end goal is to love as Jesus loved. Outreach happens best when it flows out of genuine love for those around us, and our downtown location has enabled us to be a light to some of our city’s neediest. Natural relationships with nearby groups like The Window, Work Release, and Interfaith Hospitality Network have opened doors to pivotal ministry: personal transformation, marriage and family restoration, and breakthroughs into whole family networks that haven’t known Jesus!  

Beyond Goshen & Elkhart, we’re motivated to see a day when every people & tribe worships before the Father. To that end, we’re engaged in regular prayer, giving, and practical support for mission endeavors that are reaching the unreached in Africa, Asia, Mexico, and the Caucasus region of Russia.  

We’re praying and working for transformation in Jesus. 

Come be a light with usto Goshen and beyond!