Noah Trusted God – Kevin Beck

As I was reading from Genesis 6 and 7 to Mya this past week, something new struck me. In chapter 6, God tells Noah how frustrated He is with mankind and that he plans to destroy all living creatures on the earth.  He instructs Noah to go make an ark in this size and manner.  Noah obeyed and spent many years building the Ark.  (I checked with Tom Kirk, and it seems likely that this construction project took in the range of 50 to 75 years.  Check out if you want more info on this from scripture.)

Several things in this first paragraph catch my eye.  First, in Genesis 6:22 we see that Noah did everything just as God had commanded him.  Here we see God establishing a principle of working in tandem with man to establish all of His Kingdom purposes on earth. God intended from early on to work with and thru man for all His purposes.

Second, I wonder what it was like for Noah to build the ark well away from a body of water.  I’m sure Noah was the subject of ridicule, jokes, and cruel comments from others in the area as they watched Noah build this big boat in a spot where he couldn’t float it.  I tried to imagine what kind of relationship Noah had to have with God in order to face mankind’s scorn for 50 to 75 years while building this boat.  Would I had the backbone and drive to follow thru on what God said for that long?  Do I believe in God’s promises to a point of doing things that no one thinks are smart or logical, for this long?  Did Noah ever wonder if he was doing the right thing?  I think Noah had many questions during this season of his life, and yet, he was obedient to what God said.  He would have had to be confident he had heard God correctly.  This could only have happened thru relationship with God—especially in a time and culture where no one honored God.

Third, when the ark was done, God says that in seven days he would send rain on the earth for forty days and nights (Gen. 7:4.)  Why did God put the animals and Noah’s family in the Ark for seven days before the rains started?  Was God helping the animals to grow comfortable in their new home, a home of darkness?  Again, people probably stood outside the ark making comments about Noah being crazy.  Yet Noah doesn’t appear to waiver.  Do I have this kind of faith?  Am I willing to go the distance with God?  Do I hear God enough to make life decisions with confidence?

I hope these comments and questions help you in your walk with God.  I’m amazed that all I’m doing is reading scripture to Mya, yet God brings new revelations to me as I read the scriptures.  LifeSpring, be blessed today and in this week! 

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